Hi, my name is Borgus, and I would first like to thank the tens of thousands of fans who have shared my comedy worldwide over the years.  These sketches were recorded in my early twenties as a precursor to the feature drama Not From Space broadcast nationally on XM Satellite Radio.  Looking back on it, I have no idea how I was able to perform all the voices you hear below. I think the result was due to a lot of practice, much like a musician with an instrument. My favorites are included free below. I hope you enjoy!


BEST OF BORGUS: (45 minutes total)



PARODY: Clinton Grand Jury Testimony (1998)

    Starr: “Mr. President did you see those cheeseburgers in the hallway?”

    President: “I refer to my previous statement.”
Borgus recorded this sketch in 1998 and this was his first comedy released to the public, soon to top the charts of MP3.com.  In 1998, the world was mesmerized by President Bill Clinton’s testimony leading up to his impeachment trial.



Al Gore Gets Advice From Clinton (2000)

     Gore: “I put on the sweaters, and I try to move my arms while talking...”

Borgus’ impression of Bill Clinton returns.  Worried about his presidential Campaign, Al Gore makes a phone call to President Clinton to get some advice on how to relax in front of a crowd.  [During the actual campaign the real Gore was often criticized for wearing sweaters at political rallies.]




PARODY: Fox News (2002)

     Police: “We do believe that it can be rearranged, washed, sprayed, and possibly  back to normal within a few days. We are using an abundance of caution...”

Poor little Elizabeth Pabzy sends the nation into chaos one morning.  In this Borgus parody of the Fox News Channel, the top news of the day is a little girl and her crisis with a hair brush in front of the mirror.




PARODY: Dr. Laura Schlessinger (2002)

     Caller: “I don’t have kids.”

     Laura: “Good! Get a life! Stop calling talk shows.”

Radio therapy for the masses. Get your candles and urns ready, but just be careful what you say.  Borgus perfects his impression of Doctor Laura and her out-of-control ego behind the microphone giving advice to random people.




PARODY: War of the Worlds (2004)

    Carl: “Wait, hold on.  Must tie my shoe now.  Be right with you.”

A Borgus parody of the original 1939 broadcast with a modern twist.  As if they’ve been performing the same show every Halloween for 60 years, the actors are worn out and ready to quit.  Listen to the ranting of Carl Phillips as he fumbles an effort to describe the alien pod which is just downright boring.




PARODY: Art Bell – Episode 1: The Numnumnums (1999)

     Art: “Ladies and gentlemen I must stop the show early tonight for a reason I cannot reveal.”

From his trailer just outside of Area 51, an alien visits Art’s studio during the show.  Recorded the night of the New Years changeover to Y2K, this parody is the first in a series poking fun at the world’s favorite late night radio host.




PARODY: Art Bell  – Episode 2: Elvis’ Brother (2003)

     Elvis’ Brother: “...he says not to eat cows.”

When Art opens up the phones to the unknown, anything can happen.  Tonight is no exception when he gets a call from the brother of Elvis with a dire warning to everyone about their diet.  This Borgus parody is the second in a series poking fun at the real man from Nye.




PARODY: Art Bell  – Episode 3: Christmas Special (2004)

     Hoagland: “I made this all up, Art.”

     Art: “This is quite a shock.”

As Art welcomes guest Richard C. Hoagland, but he is not prepared for the new revelations surrounding Hoagland’s shocking evidence of life on Mars, including the eight tiny reindeer and St. Nick.




PARODY: Art Bell  – Episode 4: The Bee Doctor (2007)

     Snoory: “...are they from another world?”

     Pavlov: “I think you are from another world, and another show!”

Taking over the reigns for Art Bell, George ‘SnooryNoory books the wrong guest for the show and doesn’t notice.  Doctor Pavlov Snavlov desperately tries to steer the show in the right direction.




PARODY: George W. Bush Press Conference (2005)

     Bush: “I think uhhh... I think uhhh... I think uhhh... we got the uhhh...”

It was always a rare moment that President Bush would open himself up for questions from the press.  This time he is asked a question which sends him into a poetic speech about what he thinks of America.  An additioni to Borgus’ line of impressions of political leaders.




PARODY: Imus in the Morning (2002)

     Imus: *mumbles*

Borgus brings back his Bill Clinton character in this parody of the Don Imus radio show.  The barely intelligible Imus asks Clinton pointed questions about what he thinks of the 2004 presidential campaign and whether Al Gore should run.  All voices by Borgus.




Dudes Join the Marines (2000)

     Dude: “What happens if we ask?”

     Colonel: “No telling.”

In this comedy sketch two teenagers decide to join the Marines and get themselves into more than they bargained for.  The colonel tries to explain the military’s policy on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.




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